Hi Candidate!

Welcome to the Enlizt App. In this post, you’ll have a general vision of how this App can help you!


We can summarize Enlizt’s App into 5 stages:

(Download the Enlizt App) -> (Create Your Profile) -> (Pick Job Positions) -> (Do the Application Process) -> (Get Hired!)

This app will become your best friend and will match you with awesome open job positions based on your personal qualifications and experience! Remember, you’re the decision-maker here and can decide if you’d like to apply to these positions or not!

Have fun while choosing where you’d like to work. Looking for jobs has really never been this easy!

Sign up with Enlizt, select the open positions you’re interested in and analyze each one of them: the company profile, the job description, salary, FAQs and everything in between.


To understand more about Enlizt’s application process, we suggest you read the post “Match Central: The Application Process

The app allows you to filter the open positions that show up for you. Pick which salary range you’d like or choose to see only job positions that share salary information:

If the information presented by the company doesn’t appeal to you, stop what you’re doing and go look for new opportunities! We value your time!

Still don’t have an account? Access the app now and learn how to do this here: “Creating a New Account