Only “Manager” and “Administrator” users can create new job positions.

Click in the positions bar in the left side of your Enlizt dashboard:

Then click (+), in the bottom right corner:

Then click ‘create a new job position.’

It’s possible to clone an existing job position, which can save you some time if you’re making minor alternations to the job position.

Now, fill in information about your position:

Note here that there are many options and details to adjust according to your preferences:

Check these out:

    1. Title: This is the job title that candidates will see.
      Tip: Let candidates know by the title if you’re looking for a Junior, Mid-Level, Senior or Intern person.
    2. Department: Select the department within your company that is opening this position.
      You can only open departments that you’ve created in the Company Settings. If you haven’t created any departments yet, access this postRegistering Your Company to learn more.
    3. Type:  Inform your type of hire (Full-Time, FreeLance, Part-Time etc.)
    4. Job Description:  In this field you will be presenting details about this position to your cadidates. Make sure to explain details of the job, required skills, pre-requistes etc.
    5. Salary: You have the option to give a salary minimum and maximum rangeou or simply add the salary as ‘Competitive’, ‘Negotiable’, ‘Above Average’, etc.
    6. SKills: Write down the skills required for this job.
    7. Lanaguages: The languages needed for this positions.
    8. City:  The city/state of the position.


You can also define your evaluation team:


Then you will insert your job position video. This video can show the candidate what the company environment is like, what requirements are needed for the position, company location/culture etc.

The more detail you provide the better. This video can be made easily with a cell phone in a welcoming setting.

Tip: Create the video and upload it to your company’s Youtube account as non-listed, so only those with a link can view it.

Now you can create your company FAQs. You can create an FAQ template from scratch or import a standard FAQ sheet from your Enlizt settings under ‘FAQs Template’.

Through your FAQs template try to answer all questions your candidate might have about the company or position they’re applying to such as: company hours, benefits, hours, parking etc. Again, be rich in detail and information so that way you can save time from answering these questions with the candidate during an in-person interview.

Remembering you can create a FAQ template to use for all of your company positions:

You can edit and include or exclude questions while editing your FAQ:

Now all about the Questionnaire segment! Here candidates will take your online test which can include open-ended questions, multiple choice and anything in between.

For more details about the Questionnaire, watch this video:



To complete this position, you can ask the candidate to record a mini pre-interview video. In this space below you can write down the topic of the video (ask a question or write down instructions):

Tip: Get creative with the topic of this video! This will help you qualify your best candidates!

Candidates can record videos up to 2 minutes

After, you can save this video as a draft, archive it or post it for candidates!

Published positions will immediately appear in your public page. This way, you have full control of your Enlizt ‘Work With Us’ page, without needed additional I.T help (:

DONE! If you see your position as ‘Active’ on your Enlizt dashboard, this mean your candidates can start applying to the open position! Remember your position will appear in the public page you created in:Company Informationa.



While you are creating your job position, it’s natural that you are curious to know how your position will be presented to your candidates.
Your job does not need to be published to see this preview, but if you want to make any changes to a job post already published, it is also possible.

You can freely navigate between candidate steps (go and return), and you can even simulate an actual application.

Look here:


Publish on your social media!

It’s super important for you to promote your open job position.
Do this on your social media channels so all of your internal team can like and share it, resulting in a larger audience reach!

Enlizt can help you:

Enlizt can create the post for you!
You can also do it manually, using the image generated. Always remember to add a simple and direct message like:

” A <COMPANY NAME>is hiring!  Check out the details and apply now here: <your Enlizt public page, ex:> ”