During the candidate’s application process the candidate could have entered wrong information or could’ve possibly submitted a pre-interview vide with no audio. Regardless of the situation, you can move the candidate back to a specific phase/step in their process.

In this post we’re assuming that you already know how to analyze and evaluate your candidates. If you still don’t know how to do this it is highly recommended that you read the post
Evaluating Candidates” before this one.

After going to the candidate’s profile, click on the current phase of the application he or she is on, located on the right-hand corner. Click on “Restart application” as indicated on the item (2):

As soon as you click on the “Restart” button a window will pop up with the option of phases you want your candidate to start over on:

Remember that the candidate will lose their previous data starting from the phase you selected, as well as data from the next phases (if they exist).