After you’ve released your company public page on Elizt ( candidates will begin organically applying to your job positions. In this post, you’ll learn how you follow and analyze your candidates.

On Elizt’s home dashboard you will be able to view the list of active positions:

Tip: If you don’t promote your Enlizt public page ( you’ll have very few candidates applying to your job positions!

Let’s start reviewing the candidates that have applied to our open job position!

To do this, you need to click on top of the number of candidates that have finished their application process, as seen in the image above. You’ll have access to the list of applicants that have applied to the position you’re clicking on.

Now you’ll be able to apply filters and orders as the following:

Let’s click on the first candidate in this list to review their application.

In this first tab we’ll take a look at personal information, professional experience and education. Everything is formatted and standardized equally for all candidates.

In the questionnaire tab, we’ll be able to review their graded test scores and the time in which they’ve completed each question for this job opening:

In the video tab we’ll be able to view the candidate’s performance in their pre-interview video.

If the candidate has downloaded the Enlizt app you will be able to communicate with them and it will be registered in this messages tab.

For more details on how to communicate with your candidates visit: Messages.

In the notes tab you can read comments from each internal collaborator regarding the candidate’s application.
This information is for internal use only and does not appear to candidates.

Let’s review the candidate?

If you’ve already reviewed all of the candidate’s data you can go ahead and give them a score. It’s super easy! Simply click on the candidate’s picture and select between 1 and 5 stars.

DONE! Now you know how to review your candidates. Isn’t it easy!?

To evaluate who your most qualified candidate is, you can filter your applicant list by the highest voting score. These candidates should probably be moved to the next stages of your recruiting process, which can be either a phone screen or an in-person meeting.



While evaluators vote on candidates and select the most qualified, it is necessary to move the candidates through your hiring process. This video illustrates how the Enlizt Kanban works:



Remember, if you’ve already shared your public page (, soon your positions will be viewed by many candidates! Remember to share your job posts on social media, hyperlinking the job position directly to your open job position within Enlizt.