With Enlizt you can:

Hide a job: Just mark it as Hidden, and it will not appear on your job page (yourcompany.enlizt.me) or APP Enlizt. However candidates who have the link of the job position will have access.

You can pause the entry of candidates in a job position, to make your evaluation or even to end/archive the job position, when you found your candidate. Let’s see these cases here:

If you want to pause the entry of candidates, for any reason, just check the option as illustrated below:

It is a good choice when you understand that you have sufficient candidates and your assessment team needs to complete the process. You need to pause because if you terminate/archive the job position no one else can vote or move candidates in the process. Use ARCHIVE only when your process is 100% done.

Have you found the right candidate? Awesome! Let’s get them hired and close the job position.

In this post we’re assuming that you already know how to analyze and evaluate your candidates. If you still don’t know how to do this, we recommend you read the post Evaluating candidates before this one.

After analyzing many different candidates, it’s time to choose the most qualified candidate for your open job position. To do this, click on their “phase” section on the right side of the candidate’s profile picture and then click “Hire,” as the following:

As soon as you click on “Hire” Enlizt will ask you to confirm. Read carefully:

Remember to communicate to the candidate that they have been hired. Once you close a job position, all candidate that were not hired will receive a message about the closed position.

I’m not going to hire anymore and I need to close the position. What do I do?

If you’d like to close (archive) the position, all you need to do is go to the positions section, click on the three dots to the right side of the position and then click archive. Confirm the below:

DONE! Your position is archived and will not be listed in your public pages anymore(companyname.enlizt.me)



To know which automatic messages are sent to the candidates, such as in this example of closing an open position, simply follow steps (1) and (2) of this image:


Below are the details of each message:

Nota: These messages can’t be customized.