On Enlizt’s settings page, you have access to your own “Hiring Flow.” This flow begins AFTER a candidate has finalized their application process for your company.

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Your candidate could be ready to be voted by your collaborators, be eliminated or move into the next stages within your personalized hiring flow (ex: phone screen interview, on-one-one interviews, etc.)

The stages of your recruiting and selection process will appear in segments on your Kanban board, There are two extra segments in the Kanban board: the first one with disqualified candidates and the last one with hired candidates. You can easily move candidates between your Kanban segments.

Remember, the idea is to move your candidates through your funnel until they are either hired or disqualified! This functionality shows all of the candidates that still need to be evaluated.

In this video below we show you in detail how this works:

Our Help Center will explain each stage in details. If you want to learn how to add a new position click here!