The figure below illustrates the Promotion Tools and Integrations. This area is accessed through the settings button (A).

Promotion Tools:

The promotion marketing (1) tools section is divided in different items. You can turn on the items that interest you:

Google: If turned on, the job posts on your Enlizt public page ( will be posted om Google Jobs.

Indeed: The same occurence as above but for Indeed.

Enlizt App: If turned on, your job posts will appear on the Enlizt App for candidates who’ve downloaded the app and are searching for jobs through there.

Enlizt Social: If turned on, your job posts will be used for promotion campaigns on Enlizt’s social media channels.

Other Integration Tools:

With the hiring notification email (2) you can inform to whoever is responsible for next steps, that a candidate has been hired.

By integrating with your company’s Facebook page (3) you can promote open job positions to everyone that likes or follow the profile, achieving a wider candidate reach.

Like Facebook, you can integrate with your company’s LinkedIn profile (4), and promote your job posts to a larger audience.