If you need to register the users that will help you in the hiring process, you’ll learn how to do so in this post!

Enlizt has three types of users, each one has a different level of access and types of permissions. Before showing you how you can manage your users, it’s important to understand what each function can do:

Participant Manager Administrator
Candidate Evaluation correct-symbol correct-symbol correct-symbol
User Management remove-symbol correct-symbol correct-symbol
Company Information remove-symbol remove-symbol correct-symbol
Personalization remove-symbol remove-symbol correct-symbol

To summarize with details…

Administrators can only:
– Configure the system (modify the public page, define videos, create FAQ and Questionnaire templates, adjust integrations).
– Create or modify other users, including administrators.
– Make payments, insert coupons, see transactions made.
– Publish, archive or reactivate positions.
– Edit posted positions
– Review candidates from any position, even not being a part of the evaluation team.
– Restart the application

Managers can do all of the above in addition to:
– Create job positions drafts or clone existing positions (however cannot post them).
– Access the Candidate tab

Participants can only:
– Review candidates they’re invited to review
– Send candidates messages
– Make internal notes about candidates
– Change a candidate’s stage within their application process
– Disqualify candidates
– Hire candidates
– Vote

IMPORTANT: Voting is restricted to members in the evaluation team. Even though administrators can view candidates, they can’t vote until they are a part of the evaluation team.

Now that you understand the different users, let’s continue! To access your Enlizt users list, go to Settings then Users.

In this page you can access whatever you need regarding users. You can define names, user types, voting groups, langauges, time zones and other features:

DONE! Now you can manage your Enlizt users!.