Do you want to hire efficiently? So let’s understand how Enlizt’s hiring process is going to help you!

Enlizt will take care of all the manual work that you repeat for all your candidates. The process goes as the following:

WHICH MEANS: You will create and post an open job position and candidates will eventually complete your application process. They get to ‘meet’ your company, take online tests that will be graded, record pre-interview videos and everything in between! Want to be a part of this? YES!

Let’s take a look at the candidate’s funnel:

The candidate’s funnel refers to the applicant life-cycle within Enlizt, from the moment they create their profile until they are hired, or until their application information is saved in Enlizt’s database.

Description of each stage in the application process:

SIGN UP: The candidate creates their profile for the first time. After creating a profile they will be able to apply to an open job position by Liking the post.

INTEREST: The action of showing interest in an open position, through the Like button.

PRESENTATION: This is the first stage in Enlizt’s Qualification process within a position. In this stage, the candidate will have its first insight into the company they wish to work with. They can view details about the job position, watch videos and can be exposed to other resources that the company provides.

FAQs: In this stage, the candidate will have access to read ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, this can include information about the job position, company hours, location, health benefits etc.

QUESTIONNAIRE: In this stage, the candidate will take online tests and answer questions regarding the position they’re applying to.

VÍDEO: In this stage, the candidate will record their pre-interview video based on the topic or question given by the company.

FINALIZED APPLICATION: Once candidates have finished their application process Enlizt organizes them in the company’s dashboard. In this stage, the candidates have been qualified and are being reviewed by recruiters and hiring managers.

SELECTION STAGES: From this moment forward, every company can customize their selection funnel, but the minimum recruiters can do at this moment is evaluate candidates and separate them into the following categories:

a) Disqualified: There are many rules that determined who can be disqualified such as test score, test times or A.I determination.

b) Descarted by the evaluators: The candidate can be manually descarted by evaluators.

c) In Evaluation: The qualified candidates that are being evaluated and that continue to be funneled through the company’s customized selection sequence.

Enlizt charges by the number of candidates that finish Enlizt’s qualification process and pricing depends on the source of the candidate.



Every company can organize/customize their hiring steps as needed. To understand Enlizt’s hiring flow and Kanban access aqui.

Though Help Central we can explain all the details within each application stage. If you want to learn how to create a new job post click here!