If you haven’t defined your Public Page link yet, don’t waste time! Go to your company’s information in settings (1) and then click to configure your link (2).

In your public page settings, you then choose your web address, which is normally the name of the company followed by enlizt.me (ex: companyname.enlizt.me). You can also configure other details such as logo, cover image, color scheme, social media and other items.

Something to give special attention to are your company departments:

This is where your candidates see all your open job positions separated by company departments/sectors/teams.

To add a department, start typing the location name and then click on the correct field. If you’d like to remove a department, click the ‘x’ next to the department name.

If you want to remove a department and there are open positions under it, they will not be deleted.

At the end of the page, there’s a checkbox where you can opt to let candidates leave their resumés, even if there aren’t any open positions that interest them.

It is essential that you direct ALL CANDIDATES to this public page, so they can make their process in Enlizt. So, your posts on social networks or even the Work with Us/Careers /Jobs of your site should direct to  companyname.enlizt.me 

Already defined your public address, now what?

Now you can start promoting the link on social media so you can have candidates accessing your Enlizt public page (your new “Work With Us” page), where they’ll have access to open positions and start their application process.

From now on Enlizt will do all the work for you!.

If you haven’t yet posted any job positions, start right away. Go to the post”Adding a new job position” to understand how to do that.