Is your job post ready and posted?

Great! Now let’s share it with the world!



It’s highly recommended that you promote your job positions on social media. Currently, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are great outlets to promote your company’s open roles.

How can Enlizt help you create a post on social media?

All you have to do is follow the steps below. When clicking on ‘Share’ (item 3), Enlizt will open a new window with your post so you can publish it on Facebook!

Tip: Download the image generated by Enlizt and copy the link so you can add it to your posts on all other social media channels! All you have to do is click on the small icon that appears in the right-hand corner of the image!

If you’re also adding text to your post, try to be simple and direct like this example:

<YOUR COMPANY> is hiring!  Check out all the details and apply right now:”

For generic posts with many open roles, you can insert a direct link in your post that redirects candidates to <>. There your candidate will be able to see all of your current open job positions. Remember, this page is maintained by you!

ALWAYS redirect your candidates from your social posts or ‘Work with Us’ page to your Enlizt public page (, because it will be the only way candidates will be able to start their Enlizt application process!


You can also make your Enlizt public page your new company ‘Work with Us’ page.

To do this, ask your company’s website administrator to switch your original ‘Work with Us’ company link to your Enlizt public page link (

Your Enlizt public page has been defined in Configurations/Public Page/Your Domain, check it out!

IMPORTANT: Ask for your team members to like and share your job posts on social media to gain more visibility amongst candidates!